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Guide to Choose Valuable Bet in Football

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Guide to Choose Valuable Bet in Football

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A valuable bet, also known as a "kèo thơm" in Vietnamese, is a type of bet that offers players higher chances of winning and the potential for significant profits. However, not all bettors know how to identify valuable bets. In this article, Wintips will provide you with detailed information about valuable bets in football.

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What is a Valuable Bet in Football?
Many football bettors still wonder about the concept of a valuable bet in football. Simply put, a valuable bet is a type of wager that increases a player's chances of winning. Placing this bet allows players to earn higher profits; however, valuable bets do not appear all the time, and not everyone knows how to recognize them in football betting.
Usually, valuable bets occur once a week, so you should carefully choose the most suitable valuable bets. Not every bet offers the same high benefits as valuable bets, so if you are lucky enough to identify one, you can quickly increase your capital.
Bookmakers often include valuable bets in their odds tables for players to select. However, due to their infrequent appearance, players need to observe and analyze carefully to know the odds. In some cases, the situation of the match may change, affecting the odds. Therefore, players need to be familiar with identifying valuable bets accurately to avoid missing out on this type of opportunity.
Guidelines for Identifying Valuable Bets in Football Betting
Experienced bettors prioritize searching for valuable bets in the odds table to have a higher winning rate and earn attractive rewards. However, for novice players, identifying valuable bets in football betting is not an easy task. You can learn some methods below to recognize valuable bets:
Identify Valuable Bets Based on Odds:
This is the simplest way to spot valuable bets and is widely used by many. In cases where the odds increase rapidly from 1/4 to 0 or positive, players should choose the under option.
When analyzing matches between the top teams and the bottom teams, if the higher-rated team has been favored with a 3/4 odds for a long time, equivalent to a winning rate of 0.8, you should choose the opposing team.
If the home team is highly rated with a handicap rate of 0.85 and a winning rate of 3/4, and the odds fluctuate continuously within 30 minutes before the match, players should bet on the home team.

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Identify Valuable Bets Based on Major Tournaments and Teams:
Major tournaments are frequently covered by experts and the media, making it easier to find information compared to less popular tournaments. Based on the shared information, players can easily analyze and identify potentially winning bets. Major tournaments often feature many famous stars, which is a significant advantage when assessing the odds.
In major tournaments, valuable bets often occur when the two teams are equally matched. With this method, players can ensure the fairness of their bets, making them safer than bets with significant disparities.
Identify Valuable Bets Based on Asian and European Handicap Odds:
Players should closely monitor the changes in Asian handicap odds 30-60 minutes before the match. At this time, you can confidently place your bets. If the Asian handicap and European handicap odds drop sharply, the home team is likely to have a high chance of winning.
Especially, players should pay attention to continuous fluctuations in odds that tend to increase as it might be one of the traps used by bookmakers to lure players. Additionally, players should regularly update their betting system to analyze and place more accurate bets.
Tips for Soaring High Returns with Valuable Bets
As valuable bets are highly attractive, players eagerly seek them out, especially as they often appear in major tournaments. Apart from knowing how to identify valuable bets, players should consider some tips to ensure they receive substantial rewards:
Choose the Right Betting Time:
Placing bets too early or too late will not yield significant results as bookmakers frequently update their odds depending on the match situation. Therefore, players need to observe and use information to place their bets at the right time to achieve the highest efficiency.
Select Bets Suitable for Yourself:
Each bookmaker offers various betting options, but players should not place bets on too many types. This only increases risk and costs. Choosing bets that fit your budget and focusing on a single valuable bet is a safer option that experienced players often choose.
Continuously Update Football Knowledge:
Each match or tournament has different strengths and weaknesses between the two teams. Therefore, researching and studying diligently will provide players with more knowledge to identify valuable bets and avoid falling into the traps set by bookmakers.

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Above, we have answered your question about what a valuable bet is and how to identify valuable bets in football betting. We hope that with this information, you will gain more experience in analyzing odds and reap more success when betting on football. Good luck!
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