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What is Asian Handicap? Effective ways to play Asian handica

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What is Asian Handicap? Effective ways to play Asian handica

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Asian handicap, also known as Handicap or HDP in sports betting, is a popular form of online soccer betting that many Vietnamese players choose. Below is a detailed explanation of Asian handicap odds, tips for analyzing soccer odds, and the latest information on Asian Handicap.
In the world of online soccer betting, there are many terms that you should know. Among them, Asian Handicap is a relatively new term for most new players. Wintips will explain and guide you on how to view Asian handicap odds below.

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What is Asian Handicap?
Asian Handicap, also known as Asian handicap odds or AH, is similar to 1×2 odds - European handicap. Simply put, Asian bookmakers provide handicap odds to attract Asian players to participate in betting. Asian Handicap has 9 types of bets, while European handicap has only 3.

This type of handicap attracts a large number of players to participate. Asian Handicap is commonly used in sports betting and always requires showing the level of odds between the stronger and weaker teams. Accordingly, you can understand that Asian Handicap is calculated as the goal difference between the two teams. Asian Handicap can be placed on the entire match or the first half, and some bookmakers also offer options for the second half, available in various leagues provided by the bookmakers.
The betting time in a match is calculated within the official 90 minutes of play plus injury time, excluding extra time and penalty shootouts.

Calculating the money from Asian Handicap odds is very simple:
Winning money=original stake + original stake * bookmaker's odds
Losing money=lose all the original stake
Draw=get back the original stake

How to read Asian Handicap odds in soccer
Popular Asian Handicap odds include:
Level Handicap - Draw no bet
Level Handicap helps you win when the team you choose wins, and the player gets a refund if the result is a draw.
0.25 (0 0.5) Handicap
0.25 handicap is understood as a handicap that is split into two parts. Therefore, players will win half the stake if the result is a draw and they choose the underdog team. If they choose the favorite team and the result goes their way, they win the full stake.
0.5 Half Goal Handicap
0.5 handicap is a type of handicap in which the favorite team gives a half goal to the underdog team. So, if you bet on the underdog team and they win by one goal, it means you win.
0.75 Handicap
0.75 handicap means the favorite team gives a 3/4 goal handicap to the underdog team. In this case, if the result is a draw, it means you win.

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1 Goal Handicap
1 goal handicap means the favorite team gives a 1-goal handicap to the underdog team. If the underdog team loses by exactly one goal, it means the result is a draw and you get your money back. If the result is a draw or the favorite team wins, it means the favorite team wins the bet.
1.25 Handicap
1.25 or 1 1/4 handicap. If the favorite team wins by a one-goal margin, the favorite team will lose. If they win by 2 goals or more, the player will win.
1.5 Handicap
If the favorite team wins by a 2-goal margin, the player wins the full stake. If they win by less than one goal, the player loses.
1.75 Handicap
If the favorite team wins by 2 goals and you choose the late team, you win half the stake. If they win by 3 goals or more, you win the full stake.
2 Goal Handicap
If the favorite team wins by 2 goals, the money will be returned to both teams. If the favorite team wins by 3 goals or more, the player will win. On the other hand, if the margin is less than one goal, you lose.

Tips for playing Asian handicap sports betting
The experience of playing Asian handicap is not much different from playing over/under or 1×2 bets. You can read in-depth articles on handicapping predictions and score predictions for reference.
Here are some small tips you can consider:
When playing Asian handicap, bookmakers often fluctuate the odds in big handicap bets and high-scoring under bets. If the odds drop significantly before the match starts and then rise again, consider betting on under.
For cases with a handicap of less than 1 goal, the odds for placing under bets will be higher.
Refer to the 1×2 odds for comparison.
Continuously update the bookmakers' odds fluctuations, team and player information.

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What is Asian Handicap? How to read and view Asian Handicap odds accurately has been shared by Wintips above. You should refer to this information to grasp the details of this type of bet. At the same time, don't forget to apply your knowledge to make money from bookmakers.
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