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L2selia start now best custom

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L2selia start now best custom

Standartinė L2selia » Kovas 12th, 2021, 6:57 am

Lineage 2 Interlude.
Type: Custom Farm PvP Server
Exp/Sp: x5000
Drops: x1
Balanced classes
Instant 80, third class and subclasses
36 buff slots +4 Slot With Book

Safe Enchant: +4
Max Enchant: +25
Normal Scroll of Enchant Chance: 60%
Blessed Scroll of Enchant Chance: 80%
Ancient Scroll of Enchant Chance: 20-21 =70% / 21-23 = 50% / 23-24 = 40%% / 24-25 = 20%
From +20 to +25 you can enchant only using Ancient Scroll of Enchants and the chance is decreasing by each enchant!

Low Grade Lifestone: 5%
Mid Grade Lifestone: 8%
High Grade Lifestone: 15%
Top Grade Lifestone: 25%
+1 active +1 passive
Augment skills got lower stats so it won't make the gameplay unbalanced
Augmented Weapons can be traded

Bronze Coin - Dropped by monsters from Safe Zone, Medium zone and Hard zone.
Silver Coin - Dropped by monsters from Medium Zone, Hard Zone and Custom Raidbosses.
Gold Coin - Dropped by Raidbosses( higher rank boss higher drop), and low chance Divine Retributer from Hard zone.
Noble Stone - Dropped by Raidbosses and Hard Ζones.
Angelic Essence - Dropped By Raidbosses from Rank 4 and 5.
Selia Coin - Dropped By Party Farm Zones.
Soulfire - Dropped by monsters from Pvp Zone, Hard zone and from Raid Bosses.
Crystal of Wrath - Dropped by Raidbosses. You need it to add Special Ability on weapon

Classic Interfaces
Unique start up System
Custom Commands .menu, . votepanel .online .reg .unreg

Fully reworked class with new skills
Custom Jewels
Custom Special Abilities
PvP zone with auto-flag and nobles
3 Custom armors upgradable sets
Titanium [Starter]
Dynasty [LvL 1]
Vesper [LvL 2]
Vesper Nobles [LvL 3]
3 Custom weaponsupgradable sets
Titanium [Starter]
Dynasty [LvL 1]
Dynasty Special Ability [LvL 1]
Vesper [LvL 2]
Vesper Special Ability [LvL 2]
Unique and diverse tattoo's
Custom buffs (ones from High Five and more)
Infinite soulshots and arrows, no consumables needed (spirit ore, soul ore, etc)
Unique dressme weapons
Unique dressme armors
Unique hat accessories
Special and unique NPC's
Special farm zones (low, mid, party/hard)
New and unique raidbosses with AI
Main town: Giran
Nobless status by killing Barakiel or buy Noble's Flask from Misc Shop
Many skills reworked into either toggle or passive (Thrill Fight, Duelist Spirit, Rapid Shot, Snipe, etc)
Vote buff with 12h duration. It increases P.def, M.def and Run speed.
Castle Crowns got special stats.

Team vs Team
Last Man Standing
Auto 1vs1
Auto 2vs2
Auto 5vs5
Auto 7vs7
Capture the Flag
Auto Korean Style
And much more...

Maximum 1 clan per ally. You can not have more than 1 clan in ally.
Therefore, the maximum players in an ally will be 100 players (1 clan).

Customized maintanance price so you always have available Clan Halls for new clans. This will prevent some clans from keeping several clan halls just so that enemies can't acquire one. join

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Užsiregistravo: Kovas 12th, 2021, 6:37 am
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