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[L2OFF] L2E-Global - Gracia Epilogue x10 - 26th July

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[L2OFF] L2E-Global - Gracia Epilogue x10 - 26th July

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Chronicle: Gracia Epilogue (based on Grand Crusade client)
Rates: х10
by E-Global & AdvExt
only PTS platform​
Website: -

Dear players!
We always pay attention to your wishes and also keep an eye on Lineage II market in general.
In the past 4 years players interest to High Five Gracia chronicles has increased significantly. Gracia Final is one of the most balanced and interesting chronicles to play and this chronicles always provide you with long playing time. But we all agreed that summer is not for hardcore 24/7 farming, boosting and a lot of boxes.
All in good time: Autumn for Final, Summer for Epilogue!

If you look at the game in terms of phasing or some kind of game staging - you can see a certain patterns.
First you being introduced to a whole new world full of opportunities, but because of hard ways to get new equipment - your current items (from prev. chronicle) remains top. Then you are trying hard to get this equipment and despite the complexity this is accessible. And the final stage allows you to farm faster and easier, makes the game balanced with all previous updatedes, and this stages provides you the most comfortable gameplay.

Epilogue is a great chronicles with a good balance between farming, pvp and advantage depending on character boost.

Do you need to exping? Sure, but you won't be tired of single location for months.

What about farming? Yes, but you need way less time to access good equipment.

Instances? This won't take all of your prime time.

When starts PvP? Whenever you want! Because of many ways to get a boost for you character you will always find worthy opponent.

Epilogue is a faster version of Gracia Final i'd say. There are game stages (early/mid/late game) and you still need to farm but you can start PvP way early.

A lot of people sure that there is only Java version of Gracia Epilogue with self-made skills\mechanics\stats by sick-minded admins and it's a false opinion.
We bet that PTS Gracia Epilogue actually exists and it's time to prove it!
So is there a Gracia Epilogue? - Yes! And it's a good one 

A lot of players used to think that PvP servers is always about full NPC buff, GM shop full of cheap equipments and gameplay is about farming enchant scrolls all day long.
As we understand PvP definition is:

Suitable chronicles:

Balance between time and receiving equipment, plus character development perspective.

Classes balance which allows any player take part in pvp at any game stage.

Rates, comfortable for achieving level cap.

Audience which chooses PvP instead of AFK farming.

Taking into account all the above and other things that come with experience we came to conclusion that x10 Gracia Epilogue server suits mid summer perfectly. We aimed on players' expectations and overall satisfaction.

Like any other project we have pros (strengths) and cons (weak sides).
We won't speak about cons (we will leave it for our regular players ) , but we will introduce you pros. We have several unique featues which we creating, improving and transfeting from server to server in order to create unique gaming experience and make this features familiar for you.
What we are talking about?

New Client

We have made a new client for all of our servers based on Grand Crusade \ Classic 2.0.
This client is not only a more spectacular picture, but also increasing your FPS, decreasing lags, provides us (admins) with much more game designers tools to make your gamplay better and more interesting.
Clan Unity

In addition to the common privileges of playing in a clan, we also added another very useful advantage for the characters that are members of the clan - new Clan Unity buff is being automatically applied every 5 minutes to characters who are members of a clan and will increase you PvE characteristics.
Daily Quests

We have prepared personal daily quests, which will provide some useful bonuses for your character. It will help to receive more profit form your daily routine.

There will be 5 types of achievements from the start: : Levels, Subclasses, PVP+PK, Online, Olympiad. Rewards for every achievement has been designed to help to build your character.
Cyclic Macros

Cyclic macros differs from regular in that it can be toggled to persistent work (repeat constantly).
Battle Pass

We've cretated special system for visual items that you can use to make you character look truly unique!

There are a lot of truly unique events that we've created just for you and we also going to create some new, that will add even more joy from your game 
And i want to mention E-Global community separately.
On our international servers there are players from all over the world and this players make up different in spirit and goals audience, this means there is a place for any player. Doesn't matter who you are: solo player, you playing in small group or in clan, mid war clan which is used to fight 100x100x100 for Gludio on 4-5 month of a sever, or you are playing in a top clan or party - you will always find your place on our project and will enjoy it.
You are always welcome to clans and communities for interesting gameplay for any player.

Cool and light summer Epilogue PVP server, according to the highest quality standards of our project.
Player of any level, interests or age will find place on our server. Huge amount of communities which will x you with pleasure and will give you real game content.

Wanna hardcore? 3 words. Autumn. Gracia Final.
Wanna chill? Gracia Epilogue x10 PvP will await you 26.07.19
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