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L2Big Hardcore 2x GF 03.30 Start

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L2Big Hardcore 2x GF 03.30 Start

Standartinė L2BIG » Vasaris 25th, 2019, 1:22 pm

1. Gracia Final
2. Rates x2
3. Low rate
5. Start 03.30

:hai: Open BETA Online! Test it! Report bugs to forum if found! Low rate hardcore PTS server for nostalgia players - Gracia Final version!! DOTA2 Unique event!! This is not java server! It is PTS! We represent original server core in Gracia Final version. The server functionality and game mechanics are neither replics nor a copy, but an original product. Everything works the way it should work on official servers: all weapons and armors types, quests, skills, transformations, elemental attributes, monsters and bosses etc. Also all retail-based bugs are fixed.

:hai: About DOTA2 TvT

There is zero servers with this kind of Dota2 TvT style event, it will be first time launched in L2OFF server!

Players are registered via DOTA2 npc in Giran to participate in event.

Players are divided in to two teams - Blue and Red. Also Players can chose team by color.

:twisted: - Event Game play- :twisted:

Teams are teleported to event place.

Both teams at beginning of event has to chose there Dota2 heros lvl 1.

In order to level Players heros they must kill "creeps" (fighting "npc" in each team), destroy other team Towers, Barracks and of course kill other team members.

Every kill will gain credits, who can be spent buying useful items and level up heros.

Main goal is to destroy other team Throne.

Winning team will get reward (coins) which can be later spend on buying varios items from DOTA2 npc as prize.

8-) Premium Players

Will get +25% exp/sp/drop/adena/ss

Auto pick up by command. autopickup on or .autopickup off

PCafe points, who can be used to enter solo Kama or buy some items.
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Užsiregistravo: Vasaris 25th, 2019, 10:55 am
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