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L2WarHeart - Classic 2.9 - 12 February 2021

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L2WarHeart - Classic 2.9 - 12 February 2021

Standartinė l2warheart » Sausis 30th, 2021, 5:31 pm


New Server Classic 2.9 Secret of the Empire x15
Dear friends, we have prepared a new server for the new year. The whole team is proud to present you it’s brand new project: Classic 2.9 Secret of the Empire x15
Important dates!

Grand Opening: 12 February at 21:00 GMT +2
Open Beta Test: 5-11 February at 21:00 GMT +2

General Settings
Max Level: 85 (Increase Experience Requirements)
Auto Loot
Auto Learn Skills to 76
Advanced Auto Farm
Free Class Transfers
3 Clients per HWID
Anti Bot / Anti DDoS
Full Community Board With All Necessary Functions
Attendance Rewards(28 Days)
Adena Based Economy and Warheart Coin
Shops to C-Grade (Including Mana Potion)
Retail Buff Slots (20+4) 12 Dance/Song Slots
4 Hour Buff Duration 85 (Increase Experience Requirements)
Weekly Castle Sieges / Olympiad
Promotions and bonuses for players!
Bonus for coming clans! To get the rewards, you must register your clan before 12/02/2021 and get more than 15 players 70+ lvl. First come first serverd ! The prizes will be awarded 7 days after the start on 19.02.2021
Bonus for donate! When you donate you will receive from 3% to 15% more on your donation coins amount.
Bonus for facebook repost! On the Grand Opening of the server, we will giveaway 150euro prizepool to the players which participated in the facebook event. In order to be sure that your are in this giveaway you have to: Comment, Tag 3 of your friends who are playing Lineage 2, Like and Share this post!

Server concept at a glance!
We decided to move away from the standard concept of the Mid servers and keep the mechanics of our beloved Lineage 2! Massive battles for epic bosses, balanced economy and much more.
This server is a combination of Craft-PvP and Only-PvP concepts. The goal is to gather players with a wide variety of preferences in the game and create a high-quality, interesting PvP server with alternative options for character development and improvement. We understand perfectly well that "grind" is an integral part of the game, but we strive to bring you the maximum nostalgic feeling of classic oldschool Lineage 2.

Everyone needs to know!
Despite the fact that the server rates are x15, the character development rate is moderate. Be prepared to face epic bosses, fight fierce battles and conquer challenges, because this is the real classic experience.
Together for L2Warheart!
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Užsiregistravo: Sausis 30th, 2021, 5:25 pm
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Re: L2WarHeart - Classic 2.9 - 12 February 2021

Standartinė rokm » Liepa 7th, 2021, 2:33 pm

Will there be another one soon?
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Užsiregistravo: Liepa 7th, 2021, 2:27 pm
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