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L2Sherd IL PvP Server - 9/4/22 - 600$ Rewards

Jeigu iškilo bėda kuriant L2j serverį rašykite ją čia.

L2Sherd IL PvP Server - 9/4/22 - 600$ Rewards

Standartinė l2sherd » Balandis 6th, 2022, 3:43 pm

Opening at 9/4/22 20:00 GMT+2

General info
Interlude PvP Server
Xp/Sp/Adena: x1000
Starting Level 76
Buff slots:56
18 Available skins
6 New Skins, available only to VIP players(Apella-Dynasty, just appearance)
Party limits: 2Tanks/2Duelist/2warlords/2Healers/2Titan/2Tyrant/1Domi

Apella Armor (dropped in part from Bosses)
Improved Sherd Weapons(S-Grade with Yellow Aura) (dropped by Bosses)
Starter-Premium-AIO Tattoo
Starter Accessories (right side)
2lot Accessories (left + right side)

Enchant rates
Safe +3
Max +20
Normal scroll: 0-12 (65%)
Blessed Scroll: 0-12 (100%)
Blessed Scroll: 12-16 (85%)
Blessed Scroll Fail -> Same Enchant
Crystal Scroll: 0-16 (100%)
Crystal Scroll: 16-20 (40-30-20-10%)
Crystal Scroll Fail -> Same Enchant

Augmention Rates
Mid Grade Chance: 5%
High Grade Chance: 8%
Top Grade Chance: 15%
1 Active + 1 Passive

New Vip Systen
Normal VIP
2 Free skins (can be equipped by command .skin/skin shop)
Custom Name/Title color
VIP Chat
Extra Drops from everywhere
Dynasty buy availability(skin shop)
Vip Extra(VIP 4 ever)
All above features, and EXTRA:
x2 Vote Rewards
Extra Reward from Events
Maximum 5 Debuffs instead of 10 in NON-VIP Players
+5% Enchant Rate
18 Free skins (can be equipped by command .skin/skin shop)
Dynasty Skins in half price from our Skin Shop

Olympiad Match
Olympiad start 18:00 GMT+2
Olympiad ends 00:00 GMT+2
Hero every 4 Days at 00:30 GMT+2
Dualboxes are not allowed, 1 player per HWID
S grade Gear retail like - NO Tattoo/Accessories/Grand Jewels
Max enchant +6
Minimum 3 registered players to start

Skin Shop
Try all our skins
Find and equip your free Skins (Only if you are VIP)
Buy our 16 out of 24 Skins(8 skins are available only to VIP's)

Capture the flag
Team vs Team
Unique Tournaments(1v1, 3v3, 5v5, 9v9) every 6 hours

Clan & Alliances
No penalties
Max clan members: 40
Max alliances: 1

Additional Info
Maximum windows per PC: 3
Cancellation system, return buffs after 10 Sec
Maximum 10 debuffs (5 if you are VIP)
Max subclasses: 5
Offline shop: Yes
Auto learn skills
Auto loot
Auto loot Raid: No, in ground for 30 sec

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Užsiregistravo: Vasaris 16th, 2022, 10:01 pm
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