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L2Gore - Free VIP - Summer Edition

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L2Gore - Free VIP - Summer Edition

Standartinė L2Gore » Gegužė 31st, 2022, 5:02 pm

VIP for all players!
Its summer so we made an easier farm, and more PVP.

XP: x1000
SP: x1000
Adena: x1000
Drop: x1

Enchantment Rates
Safe Enchant: 3
Max Enchant : 20
Simple Scroll: 0-14 -> 65%
On Fail -> Crystals
Blessed Scroll: 0-14 -> 100%
Crystal Scroll: 0-18 -> 50%
On Fail -> -1 Enchant
Custom Scroll: 0-16 -> 100% , 18-19 -> 20%, 19-20 -> 10%
On Fail -> Same Enchant
Fast Enchant system -> Enchant window will not disappear after each enchant

Additional Information
Buff Slots 58
max 3 windows per PC
Subclass - Main + 3
Automatic Potions
Anti AFK in Events , if you are AFK you will get dismissed
Voting to each site from Vote Manager you will get EXTRA Vote Coins
Party limits: 2Tanks/2Duelist/2warlords/2Healers/2Titan/2Tyrant/1Domi.
Gore Boss: Unique Drops, 40 /+-10h respawn

Armors - Apella, Dynasty(Best, from raids)
Dynasty is the best armor
Weapons - Gold, Dynasty(Both same status) / Ancient Gold, Dynasty
Ancient weapons are better than normal
Jewels - Grand, L2Gold (Ipos etc.)
Custom Tattoos (Starter/Premium/AIO)
Custom Accessories (Epic mask, Angelic/Demonic wings)

1 Active + 1 Passive
Mid - 5%
High - 10%
Top - 15%
Fast Augment System -> Double Click to LS for augment

Team vs Team
Capture the flag
Tournament 1v1, 3v3, 5v5, 9v9 every 6 hour's
Unique GM events

Party Zone
Opens every 4 hour's with 2 hour duration
At least 3 member's in party
1 window per pc
All Players in party(unique players) will take the same drops(Farm-Enria-LS-Bogs-Blessed)

Giant Zone
Elven Fortress
Giant mobs with better drops + Ls + Bogs + Blessed Scrolls

PVP Zone
PVP Zone map changes every hour
Top PVP Killer each hour get awarded

Hero every 4 Days at 00:30AM
At least 3 players to begin playing
Skill reuse after match
Items - S Grade ( NO CUSTOMS )
Max Enchant is + 6
If you have more than +6 it will automatic be counted as +6 in your status
Olympiad Starts 18:00 GMT +2
Olympiad Ends 00:00 GMT +2

VIP System
Vip Chat System(public chat, via ^ )
16 Available skins 
More Drops to Farm mobs, Party zone, Raid bosses 
Unique Name/Title Color.

Premium System
All VIP Features, Plus the following Extra: 
.vip(Select Custom name/title colors)
x2 Vote Reward 
x2 PVP Reward
Extra Event Rewards
+5% chance to enchant scrolls

Raid Bosses
Most Damage Dealt
Drops will be kept to the ground for 30 seconds
Gore Boss 40-50h
Special Boss 4-5h
Grand Bosses 3 - 3.30h
Normal Bosses 1-2h
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Užsiregistravo: Vasaris 24th, 2022, 1:14 pm
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