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Standartinė L2Legacy » Liepa 1st, 2017, 1:16 pm

Forum: Inside website
e-mail: [email protected]
Server's start: 25/08/2017 18:00 UTC+1

Lineage 2 Legacy offers challenges of the old chronicles "dungeons" with upgraded mobs, stats, drop and spoil. It is hardcore MMORPG that brings back crafting and spoiling systems. Join other players in the world of Elmoreden to enjoy the legendary gameplay, hardcore leveling and death penalty along with the players driven economy and epic PvP-battles.
In Lineage 2 there is much L2store useful items like La Vie En Rose's Jewel boxes to collect powerful brilliant brooch, Elemental shirts to enchant and exchange to powerful shiny or one of invincible reflect shirt, instance pass scrolls etc. We transferred it to another level when almost everything you can get while farming.

L2 store items like Exp/SP/Drop boosts, and misc accessories, hats, appearance stones can't be obtained in another way.
For donated and spent euros you will be rewarded with 100 Honor points for each euro, whose you can spend for powerful gear.
Premium system, depends on server rates will be voted for, bonuses for XP, SP, drop and spoil.

Get bored from instances? Want to gear up to become stronger? you have only one way- look back to ancient and forgotten places.

We again opening Catacombs, Necropolis and monastery of silence to research mysterious dangers, who is hiding deep underground.And downgrading experience from instances
Is open Clan wars hunting is your favorite source of fun? Get ready to hunt them in labyrinths of reopened zones.

Spoil & Craft based economy- Economy in Lineage 2 is ruined with chronicles more and more, that is the reason, players choose old chronicles like Interlude. One of the most important things we fixing.

Remember crafting material's spoiling nights - Spoil list expanded.
Craft, enchant, buy cheap and sell expensive - everything depends on you!
Warsmith is valuable again, craft all equipment from R grade!
We improved drop and spoil of all R-R95-R99 item's crafting materials and recipes.

Are you willing to win authority and place under the sun of hardcore Elmoreden? Or do you and your friends want to found your own kingdom? Legendary Lineage 2 Clan Wars, Ceremony of Chaos and Olympiad, Grand bosses give you an opportunity to show your ability to use skills, and show power to all your enemies!

*Pet exp rate - x5
*Quest reward EXP/SP - x3
*Quest reward Adena - x3
--Basic account
*EXP - x5
*SP - x5
*Drop - x3
*Spoil - x3
*Adena -x5
*Party exp/sp -x7
-- Premium account
*EXP - x7
*SP - x7
*Drop - x5
*Spoil - x5
*Adena -x5

* 1-85 level - NPC or mentor buffs.
* NPC buffs till 95 level.

* Retail enchant rates.
* Working all enchants and enchant boosts, like lucky stones.
* Safe enchant +3 (+4 full body).
* Max Enchant +20

* Added custom mobs.
* Catacombs and necropolis are open.
* Monastery of Silence is open.
* Modified drop/ spoil for "spoil&craft" game type.
* Personal vote reward system for daily coins.
* Changed daily coins shop for various good stuff.
* 90% of the jewels working.
* Working elemental and reflect shirts.
* Working grand boss weapons.
* Fully working PVP/PVE items.
* Gainak Siege.
* Working Ability points system.
* Working Abundance/ Seven Sign/Venir Talismans.
* R85-r95-r99 armor sets have working enchant bonuses from +6 to +10.
* Never stopping fix bugs, all time moving on.
* Max 2 client per PC can log in.
* No wipes in the plan, so who first - will be most powerful.
* L2 shop only EXP/sp boosts, appearances and other not giving Over Power in-game items.
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Užsiregistravo: Liepa 1st, 2017, 9:46 am
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