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L2 GiantsBattle Grand Opening in 27-04-2018!

Diskusijos apie oficialius serverius.

L2 GiantsBattle Grand Opening in 27-04-2018!

Standartinė apoca15 » Balandis 6th, 2018, 1:02 pm

Lineage2 GiantsBattle the best private Server x50 HighFive !
On start server be there we have prizes for all !
With Donate Coins ,GCM , VC, Blessing coins !!!
Every week 3vs3 Tournament Win Donate coin !
BETA START IN 15-04-2018 ! AT 18:00 +2Gmt !
Grand Opening in 27-04-2018!AT 21:00+2Gmt !
We are expecting huge community Join us !
Dinasty in Shop, Retail epic's boss!
Balanced Classes! 3 Days premium !
Daily Reward for Login too!

Exp: x50
Sp: x50
Adena: x25
Drop: x20
Spoil: x20
Quest items: x1 [quests have different rates]
Knight Epaulette: x3

Subclass - no quest
Max Subclass - 3
Max Level Sub - 85 LvL
Buff Slot: 24 buff slot, 12 dance/song
Auto Loot
Offline Trade
Offline Buffs
Auto learn skills
Vitality System
Olympiad every week
Master Work Items
Global GK
NPC Buffer scheme
Vote reward
All instances/quest works 100%

Safe +4
Max +16
Normal Rate 60%
Blessed Rate 66%
Attribute stone: 40%
Crystal stone: 30%
Buff Duration: 2h
Max Clients/PC: 5

Team vs Team
Protect th King
Last Man Standing
Korean Style
Capture the Flag
Fight For Throne
Death Match
Tresure Hunt

.party - x players to your party .
.control - full menu of player .
.offline - go in offline mode if you are selling buffs/stuffs .
and more ...... :rofl:
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Užsiregistravo: Gegužė 14th, 2017, 2:22 pm
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