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L2-Excess [Share] Server files (real files)

Įvairūs serverio failai, gidai, skriptai

L2-Excess [Share] Server files (real files)

Standartinė mightas123 » Vasaris 15th, 2018, 8:41 am

L2-Excess Custom Interlude Ready To Go[Based Gevorack pack]
Project ready to start
Tested live

I sell some idiot files, I tell him not use server name, but he did not listen, I ask him to change a name but he ignores me.
So i decide to share server files whit, everyone, so be it.. This pack is best now custom interlude server.
I spend a lot of time to fixing bugs and add customs and others thinks.
Now that idiot website:
Go check and test everything is same.

If you think this pack is trash, he made in 3days +400eu, so please think about using it.

Btw My friend start server now is in test mode, please check if you like:

Link to download:!Z7IEAaLZ!nL63zLsFhJii ... 4fjFLGMiSQ

Server Patch ... DOOR_.html

Server Rates :::::::::::...
- RateXp = 2000.
- RatePartyXp = 2000.
- RateDropAdena = 2000.
- Drop: 1x.
- Spoil: 1x.
- Safe enchant: +5 (on all)
- Max Weapon Enchant: +30
- Max whit Crystal Scrolls Enchant: +35
- Normal Scrolls: 60%
- Blessed Scrolls: 90%
- Crystal Scrolls: 100%
- PvP server, Average farm.
...::::::::::: LifeStones :::::::::::...
- High Grade LS Chance = 15%
- Top Grade LS Chance = 20%
...::::::::::: Custom server :::::::::::...
- Custom Weapons: Dusk weapons, Infinity weapons, Monster Weapons
- Custom Armors: Apella armors and Custom Skins
- Custom Tattoo: All tattoo
- Custom Wings: Epic Wings, Pixie wings, Baium Hair, Kamael Wings, Goddess hairs, Butterfly Wings, Shock Wings
- Custom Mask: Golden Mask
-=Custom Npc's=-

- GM Shop
- Custom Trader
- Custom Buffer
- Global GateKeeper
- Skill Enchant Manager
- Augument Manager
- Nobless Manager
- Class Manager
- Wedding Manager
- Olympiad Manager
- Siege Manager
- Top PvP/Pk List
- Boss Info
...::::::::::: Generel Features :::::::::::...
- Sieges duration: 90 minutes.
- 90% Balaced PvP/Oly.
- Unique PvP zone, every 1hour zone changed.
- Raid bosses spawn every 2 hour.
- GM EVENT TIME 20:00 Gmt +2
- In game you can change password.
- Olympiad period is every week.
- NPC Buffer duration 3 hours ( 60 buffs).
- Custom event, TvT, DM.
- Auto Events every hour.
- Custom/Clan Raid Bosses with special drop.
- Special Farm/Start/Pvp zones
- L2Phx,L2Walker, Anti DDos protection.
...::::::::::: Commands :::::::::::...
Replaces the characters appearance.
Main menu about server and more.
Show players status
See if there's any Gm online.
Leave pvp zone.
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Re: L2-Excess [Share] Server files (real files)

Standartinė crytek » Vasaris 15th, 2018, 10:36 am

nėra ko prasidet su matrinexu=)
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Standartinė Lulley » Birželis 28th, 2022, 4:39 pm

This phrase is simply matchless ;)

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