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chased the mouse right across the yard。 The mouse was too quick for him,
however, and slipped easily into a hole in the wall。
The bull charged the wall furiously again and again, but although he bruised his head and chipped his horns,
the mouse stayed safely inside his hole。 After a time the bull gave up and sank down to rest again。
As soon as the bull was asleep, the little mouse crept to the mouth of the hole, pattered across the yard,
bit the bull again -- this time on the nose -- and rushed back to safety。 As the bull roared helplessly the mouse squeaked:
"It's not always the big people who e off best
Sometimes the small ones win, you know
"On the third day after he was born, Little Elephant went with his mother to the banks of a stream,
and there he saw a bird in the sky flying here and there. Little Elephant said: “
If I could fly, I could see even more things
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