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1. Pasiūlykit H5 pvp serverį
2. Pasiūlykit C6 MID serverį

Tokios temos kaip : "pasiūlykit", "swx kur lošiat" bus trinamos o autoriai baudžiami be įspėjimo.

Standartinė Beyond » Sausis 13th, 2018, 1:00 pm


Our site:

Hello stranger! Do you want to play your favorite game and get some Bitcoins in the same time?

Beyond World launched its first Lineage II server in 2006.
It is one of the oldest, and most famous Lineage II servers in Lithuania.
We had many seasons; many of them were the best years for our players.
We had fun, so we're back again, for the best season of them all.
Beyond World is aiming to become famous, not just in Lithuania, but across world. We're going international!

Classic High Five server
We made this server comfortable game. Solo Players, CPs, and Clans – all Players will get tons of positive emotions. Quality L2OFF files, comfortable rates, friendly Administration – this is all for our Players.
We will try to do our best for you, our Players.

OBT: 3 February
Grand Opening – 23 February

- exp/sp x3
- drop/spoil x2 (chance)
- rb/epic drop x1
- quest (exp/sp) x3
- quest (drop item/reward item) x1,
Seven Signs Event – 2.
Olympiad - 1 month.
Sieges and TW - 2 weeks.
Raid Bosses respawn time - 12h + 8h window (may be changed)
Epic Bosses respawn time – standard (may be changed)
Full info on our forum:

First low-rate server without donations.
We are unique Lineage 2 server! First, we will never add such items as equipment, cakes etc. In donation list. Sub-class and Nobles only from retail quest. From our donations, Players may get only Premium Account, Accessory and minimum consumables.
Main feature – Bitcoin farm. A lot of Plyers will make money on our project. We haven’t detailed yet, but I will try to explain how it should work.
90% from all donations we will transfer to the in game drop (Bits). All your bits will transfer to the external wallet, where you can transfer Bitcoins to your personal wallet.
We made this server for Players, not for donations. We already started huge advertise company from Brazil to China, thousands of players are waiting for the Grand Opening.

Play, fight with enemies, and make your own history!

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Užsiregistravo: Sausis 13th, 2018, 12:36 pm
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